Thursday, 6 August 2020

Daniela Mendola

I have completed this small mat by Daniela Mendola.   You can find the free pattern on the blog here.  There are nine rounds and I used two shuttles and climbed to each row using split rings and split chains.
I made the first repeat of the last row incorrect so I just continued with the incorrect version for the next 11 repeats.  I thought with 12 points that this would fit a clock face but the clock I had in mind was too small and with my larger clock is not able to come apart so I am back on the hunt for a clock or smaller 12 pointed pattern.

 I used a vintage size 80 thread Star Six Cord shade 144.5. The finished piece measures 8 inches or 20 cm diameter. I had some issues with the thread breaking at a few rings.  Ahh the joys of using vintage thread.


  1. I like it! That would make a wonderful clock face. I hope you find one.

  2. This is very pretty! I hope you can find a clock to fit. As far as the joys of using vintage thread, just think of the wonderful color combinations they had back then that aren't available now. It's worth a little breakage sometimes. :)

  3. Thank you Ladies, It was an easy tat and I didn't even block until done. Stayed flat on every row. A well designed mat.

  4. Lovely. The colors are beautiful.


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