Thursday 9 January 2020

Test tat

I was asked to test tat a new little motif by Robin B a new tatting designer.   You can find a link to the pattern on her facebook Robin's Nest Tatting Designer page here

I love how it almost looks interwoven but it is not.  Just three little rounds.

I started on a chain and used a split ring to climb to the second round.  Then I added magic loops to the first and last chain and no ends to sew in.

Using a Coats thread size 20 the small doily measures 4.25 inches from point to point.

To start on a chain you can use a paper clip or one of those coiless safety pins.  You might try what I did by starting with an unflipped second half and then with a flipped second half counting as the first double stitch and you can remove your paperclip once the chain is completed. 


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