Monday, 13 January 2020

Hold on a minute

Another year here and many new things happening in 2020. Firstly on the tatting front I must get some of my projects finished from past conferences and workshops.

I will post my progress as it happens.

I have also been reviewing conferences I want to attend in 2020 and reviewing costs and logistics.  I hope to see many of my tatting friends and see all the wonderful things being done round the world.

If you have ever considered attending a workshop or conference please do so.  It is very rewarding and will give your craft a boost, plus it would be fun to see you too.

Below are the tatting events happening in 2020 with links to the web pages.

Finger Lakes  CANCELLED

Shuttlebirds  CANCELLED

Tatting Corner Tat Days


Fringe Element Tatters

Happy Tatting


  1. I hope you come to Palmetto again! I enjoyed meeting you!

  2. Woo, hoo. How much fun!! See you at the Shuttlebirds.

  3. Will we see each other at Shuttlebirds? I'll be the newbie again. It would be fun to catch up and explore more together!

  4. Hey, it was great meeting you today. Thank you for letting me hv a peek at your treasure and thankyou for the tidbits.


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