Monday, 22 July 2019

Uniform Picots

I learned the hard way that having the right tool makes the job easier. So here is another idea for a tatting tool.

We know that having uniform decorative picots improves the appearance of your tatting project. I found these blunt ended needles in mom;s sewing stash a while ago. I think it is actually a yarn needle but its straight shaft makes it excellent to use as a picot gauge when working with finer threads.

I have added a bit of tatting to the end  as this has given me something to hold on to thus easier to use (and find).  I could attach a lanyard hook or even create a thumb loop too.  This  needle holder turned picot gauge was made from a half dozen beads and a bit of leftover shuttle thread

To see this in action you will need to go back to my first two rows of Renata  Niemczyk (Renulek) Wiosna 2019.  Now the picots are not perfect but by using a gauge  and by keeping it with the project I have found a perfect tool  to travel with my work.


  1. Terrific idea and it's pretty, too!

  2. Good idea to add the tatting to make it more visible.

  3. I was just thinking that if you did this on a sharp needle you could make an retro tatting tool more visible too

  4. It's called a tapestry needle with the blundt end and they come in all sizes too 💐

    1. Thanks Carollyn, Mom did all kinds of needlework. I have various sizes.

  5. Great idea. I'll have to put one in my tatting stuff.

  6. Clever girl!! I need to make myself one or more of these.


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