Friday, 19 July 2019

Even More Lanyards

A few years ago I purchased some Omega Thread, it is a nice thread.  You can tat with it but I prefer other brands for most projects. 

It is a little soft for most tatting but works great for lanyards.  I  really like the Patti Duff beaded lanyard because once the beads are loaded I can travel anywhere and tat without losing a bead.  It is a shuttle only pattern, all rings.

I have long fingers so I do not mind using a Tatsy shuttle.  I always have one loaded up ready to go.   I have found that is usually takes about 4 evenings to complete a lanyard.

Finish off the lanyard by adding a jump ring to each end then you have endless options as to how to use it. 


  1. Do the beads stop them from stretching when you use them?

  2. I've not noticed much stretching as they are all rings. The beads give it some weight so they sit better on your neck. I have made this pattern with picots on the rings and only 3 or 4 rings for earrings, zipper pulls and needle holders.

  3. Love the colours and the final workmanship !!!

  4. I so gots to get around to making these, they are so beautiful 💐


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