Monday, 17 June 2019

Thumb Chatelaine

 Quite a few months ago I received a little thumb chatelaine from another tatter.  I loved it and have since adapted the original pattern to make the ring portion more stable by anchoring the split rings with each other. I also added beads to make it more pretty.   I completed this chatelaine using Lizbeth 20 Scottish Thistle
The original pattern is by Gloria Grumman  with an adaptation by Barbara Hevener.  Many thanks to these designers. 

The thumb chatelaine and the Flowering Quatrain  below along with a few other tatting samples have arrived safely in Australia with my Fringe Exchange recipient.


  1. Any chance of showing the chatelaine in action? It’s pretty, but I’d like to see how it’s used.

  2. Jane, the part with the beads goes over your thumb (like a ring) then you attach a picot gauge and/or a little hook on the lanyard end. As you tat you bring up your hook and use it then let it drop down ready for the next join. I hope that helps.

  3. Love both of them great choices 💕💐💕

  4. Thanks tatters, the exchange had to include split rings.


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