Saturday, 1 June 2019

Sea Breeze Necklace

Yes, I have been tatting.  This is another product from my visit to Shuttlebirds 2019 and it is another Marie McCurry design.  She taught this at Shuttlebirds 2019 but you can also find it in her book "Tattasaurusing: Baubles and Motifs.

This book is full of patterns to cover baubles.  The bauble I used is large almost 30 mm across. 

If you haven't guessed it yet, Marie does not like dinosaurs, she loves them. 


  1. Looks awesome. This is one of most favorite patterns to tat. I designed this for my sister, in case she had gotten married. Keep a look out for the dinosaurs.

  2. Too funny Marie, I actually wore this to a wedding a few weeks ago and then last Sunday saw lots of Dinosaurs as I was visiting relatives in Drumheller.

  3. Really interesting pattern, prettily worked.


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