Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Fractal Spiral Earrings

I just don't like to have only one earring done, so I completed the second one at home. These Fractal  Spiral Earrings are the design of Eva Rushton and she taught this class at Shuttlebirds 2019. She plans to sell the pattern on her Etsy site here.  

I just love how the pattern spirals and I can see it looking a bit different with a metallic thread and some beads in just the right place.
These were tatted with a vintage Coats size 30 and measure 1.5 inches or 4 cm from top to bottom so you could make these in a 40 for a smaller version. 


  1. I like the look and of this spiral and your color choices­čî╣

  2. Cute and clever ! If you place them together you get a heart , making a nice pendant or brooch to accompany the earrings ­čĺľ

  3. Those are splendid, clever and attractive.


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