Monday, 8 October 2018

What I learned at Camp... CampWannaTat

Juliette Pendant
Celtic Weave Pendant

This past September I had the privilege to attend Camp Wanna Tat.   We completed these three tatting projects and I stocked up on my tatting supplies.

The Dodecahedron was designed and taught by Debbie Arnold. It is difficult to take photographs of 3d tatting but this sphere has 12 pentagon faces (motifs) and 20 vertices. I used a balloon and Elmers school glue to stiffen.

The Juliette Pendant is by Mandy Kerwell Bez and revised and taught by Char Toyosaki.  Done in one pass a 16mm plastic gem is in the centre.  One could easily adjust the centre rings to accommodate typical sized ice drops.

Patti Duff is the designer and taught the Celtic Weave Pendant.  It is so hard to tat with narrow celtic shuttles so I used regular ones until the time to weave in the chains.  Patti says we could add another round and I just may do that.


  1. Impressive learning and projects :-)

  2. Love the Celtic weave pendant. Bet you had fun with Patti too.

  3. I love the celtic weave pendant - particularly the colours.

    1. All the teachers and tatters were a delight. I had a blast.

  4. Impressive projects, love the Celtic weave

  5. Awesome projects!!! Looks like you did very well!!! :)


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