Thursday, 18 October 2018

Another Lanyard

You can never have enough Lanyards.  This pattern by Patti Duff is a great takealong project.  I can load up the thread and beads on my Tatsy shuttle and away I go.  I also bring a hook with me to make the joins.  This shuttle only pattern works up easy.  I can do it while in waiting rooms or even while taking the bus. 

I have provided a link to the pattern here and you can adjust to fit your size of beads.  I have used size 20 Hakelgarn with black inexpensive glass beads.

If you don't have access to a Tatsy shuttle you can do this in stages adding on thread and beads as required.  You can even make this without beads.

Don't limit yourself as this pattern is adaptable to any combination of thread, beads and length, Previously I have used up some extra thread to make a zipper pull and a key fob.  This one may go on my glasses. 

Tat over tails at the beginning and hide the tail in the beads at the end.  I have added split jump rings to each end which make this easily converted to suit my needs. 


  1. You can also do it with self closing mock rings and add the beads when you close each ring. I prefer my method of prestringing the beads and a single shuttle as it is easier to carry with you that way. Patti

    1. Good point Patti, about using SCMR and then adding each bead as you close the ring. I prefer your method too as you don't risk losing beads. BTW, I've already strung another shuttle full for those waiting rooms and hospital visits. I love this pattern :)

  2. Good carry along project. Thanks for the link.

  3. Beautiful lanyard, lovely colours. That's a clever pattern, love it!

  4. Good carry anywhere project thanks for sharing the pattern

  5. Beautiful lanyard :). Must add to my To Tat list :).


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