Tuesday 3 October 2017

Fringe 2017

I had a wonderful time at Fringe 2017 held in Cambridge Ontario.  But before Fringe I arrived a few days early to take in the Stratford Festival. They have a lovely walk along the shore of Lake Victoria where 22 swans reside.

I traveled with Marjorie and we saw two plays; Guys and Dolls  on Wednesday and and Bakkhai on Thursday.  After Guys and Dolls I was so overcome with emotion that I literally cried.

We left the theater Wednesday and headed off to Kingston to meet Ingrid who would be our guide into the Mennonite countryside.  We stopped at a farmers back door and I bought raw honey for my honey.  Marjorie bought plums and Ingrid, eggs, plums and potatoes.   The lady selling had lots of other homemade crafts for sale but I wanted to be careful to leave room in my luggage for tatting.  Many of the farms do not have electricity and some use buggies and horses to get around.  A few of the churches had hitching posts and outhouses.

We went to St. Jacobs for Dinner and Ingrid finished up the tour with a visit to the universities surrounding Kitchner/Waterloo area.

The next morning we traveled north to see St. Jacobs Farmers Market but we only stopped at the Antiques Store.  I found an edging book with crochet and tatting and a small hanky and a crystal which will have tatted wings added to it so it becomes an angel. 

Back to Stratford to See Bakkhai a play based on greek mythology and a tragedy.  This play was shorter so we had an evening free to snoop around the Mennonite countryside by ourselves.  We found a fantastic general store in Wallenstein.  I highly recommend a stop in to see the hats and boots in the back.  I found another little hanky (they call them honky's) and then on to Elmira then back to the hotel. 

Friday morning we had to return our rental car and had a pleasant walk back to the hotel.  The beauty about this conference is that there are stores and a variety of  restaurants all withing walking distance from the hotel.


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