Friday, 6 October 2017

Fringe 2017 continued

At the conference I had a class with Jane Eborall and purchased a beautiful  bag and pink brooch.  I did tat her little heart  which she called "My Heart is in Canada". Jane gifted me with a bit of her tatting, thanks again Jane.

Randy Houtz was teaching three classes and I took two of them.  I also purchased two more of The Shuttle Brothers books.  He had lots of shuttles and samples of his work which I thoroughly enjoyed.  He has a great sense of  humor is an excellent teacher.

Much to my delight Martha Ess was also attending the conference and brought some of her books to sell.  I bought home two.  Martha also brought her amazing tatted collar and to see it in person was a real treat, it is spectacular. She modeled it for us and I have pictures but best you visit her site to see it. Then if you have any questions she can answer them for you.

Now what tatting adventure is next?


  1. So good to be able to take classes, meet tatters, buy books... Lucky you.

  2. Sounds as though you had a great time. So many tempting books too! Love the brooch, one of my favourite patterns.

  3. Wonderful heart!!! :)
    Looks like some beautiful tatted projects are in your future from those wonderful books!!! :)


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