Friday, 20 November 2015

Toe Up Socks

These short socks were found in a bag full of various UFO's.  They needed the ends woven in and once that's done they will be great to wear.  I believe the yarn was one of Patons KROY yarns, most likely not available in this color anymore.  It is a yarn made specifically for knitting socks and one skein made this pair of short adult socks.  Looking at the color I am confident I made these for me. :)

When I first learned to knit socks I was taught to do them Toe Up and I do the heel in a similar manner.  It is an easy method and you can very quickly do up a pair of socks just for the fun of it.  I make mittens the same way, starting at the fingertips.

Just a little diversion, now back to tatting.


  1. Very colourful! That's the way the toe up socks I am making are done. The heel and toe are done using the same technique. They are pretty quick to make. I'd like to try mitts too.

  2. Great UFO to find and resurrect! They're too good to be left languishing.

  3. Love the distraction, and why would you stuff those in a bag :)

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.


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