Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Renulek Advent Wreath

I have been busy tatting up snowflakes and gifts for Christmas and had to try this wreath by Renulek which can be found here.  She also has a new one for 2015 here.  Originally I thought I would use it as a brooch but doing it in Pearl cotton it came out quite large but I had an idea.  The idea actually came from another tatting site, I believe this is the same candle holder that Cornelia uses and shows the inserts she has made on her site.

I won this glass candle holder at The Fringe Element Tat Days 2015.  You can place almost anything between the glass and it will stay clean and protected. You can add a tealight candle, real or battery powered. If you turn it over it will hold a bit larger candle. I almost need a few more of these for the table as I only have the one. 


  1. I'm working on this wreath now. Yours is perfect in the candle holder, it makes a nice frame for the tea light.

  2. Very pretty! And functional. Love it when tatting can be put to such lovely use :-)
    I actually thought Cornelia kind of stuck the tatting to the base ... but this is much better, coz you can change at will .

  3. That's very effective, good thinking.


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