Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cluny Fail... or not

The leaf, cluny or tally is created using two threads. I created a loom with my hand by wrapping the core thread over my fingers and using shuttle 2 to weave over and under the threads. A cluny traditionally would substitute for a chain but modern tatting allows for a cluny to hang free. 

The Fail... I got through the cluny but while closing the thread broke; so I tried again. I am using a vintage thread so no surprise that the thread broke. I think I adjusted my tension so much that the thread got very twisted and could not move through the loom at the close.  

In my second attempt the cluny came out well but I don't like how the beads sit in this earring.  I am not fond of my execution of the Victorian sets either.  Perhaps some blocking would improve my result.

This pattern by Dagmar  Pezzuto was available on the online tatting class run by Georgia Seitz, a few weeks back so I took a break from my other projects to do up this earring. This earring has many tatting techniques, using a bead, split ring, throw ring, SCMR, Victorian sets and finally clunies.

I believe that tallies or clunies are like any new technique it just takes practice. 


  1. Well done, Bernice !!!
    I've faced the broken thread issue, too, in my initial attempts. I later observed how much thread smoothness matters in this particular technique. The right thread doesn't even twist as much. And to think all the threads I used were from the same brand & size !

  2. Lot of techniques worth practising.

  3. io devo ancora imparare il cluny . Io ho fatto delle collane con perle come daòòa seconda foto tua ciao Berenice


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