Tuesday 3 March 2015

Tatting over tails and SSSR

Only another tatter would know what the title means.  It is when we hide our thread ends by encapsulating them within the double stitches alongside the core thread.  It is a very useful technique to learn and practice.  This pattern calls for the five ringed flower to be placed between the two elements on the previous row.  Here is how I solved this problem.

Using only one shuttle, start a ring, after you complete the first ds, fold the tail thread back over to the core thread and tat over the tail for the next  five stitches, this is the shorter green thread. 
Then  I tatted the next three rings, joining to the previous round rings two and three. Tat the fourth ring.  Now complete the fifth ring using SSSR technique but when you are putting the thread over the ring also put it over the first ring tatted, the one with the hanging  thread and all the rings are now together.  Clip the thread and you are done. 

For a more detail on SSSR please visit Jane Eborall's pages shown below.


  1. I love your colors, and explanation and references are great thanks!

  2. Thanks Carollyn, it took me a while to figure out how to do this and have it look good. This thread is soft and method Renulek suggested did not satisfy.

    I am just coming up to two years tatting and thanks to everyone for all your comments and support along the way. I hope that my little blog will encourage someone else to join or continue on with their tatting talents and share with us all.

  3. I'm thrilled that you figured it out, Bernice ! And the flower looks perfect :-)
    I had commented somewhere, wondering whether SSSR wouldn't work ... and now you have explained it all so well :-)
    I do enjoy your blog & hope more will .

    1. I'm sure I am not the first to figure this out but it makes it a lot easier to finish this round knowing I don't have to go back and tie all those ends in.
      I enjoy your blog too although I don't always comment, your work is well advanced but explained so well.

  4. Vert well explained well done,

  5. Good idea when there are so many small motifs and so many ends to deal with.


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