Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Renulek Wiosna 2015 Row 7

Sulky  Blendables 12wt  is not a forgiving thread. Oh it tats up fine, its the retrotatting that I am getting frustrated with. 
I have been using this doily tatalong as practice, practice of some new techniques and how I am holding my thread.  I like to hold the pinch with my thumb and middle finger and the tension is regulated with the index finger but I find I can tat faster the traditional way but I drop the shuttle or don't flip so I have had to undo and redo stitches.  But it is nice to make something that I am not feeling the pressure on and perhaps I will have something at the end. 
The pattern can be found on Renulek's site, her spring doily of 2015. I believe a new row goes up every Friday.  You can tat along or save for future use. There are a few of us over at Craftree who are doing this.


  1. B, I use the same pinch !!! It is not very common, but I did come across an old book where the images showed this pinch - so it is "traditional" in a way ;-P
    I do believe it slows down my tatting, but find it difficult to change now.
    Lovely subtle colourway :-) Here's hoping you won't have to retrotat too much ....
    Your doily is looking good.

  2. I am making this too, and really enjoying it too. Your is working out nicely and like you I just enjoy tatting. :)

  3. Nice tatting Bernice. Cheers,


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