Thursday, 4 February 2021

Getting Colder


I am tatting the temperature using the mean of the weekly high and low. The data comes from temperatures published by Environment and Climate Change Canada. Each set (man) represents one week so I will have 52 of these when done. 

The joining of new thread is made in the ring for the head. You can see I have yet to cut the threads of the previous weeks.  I do not know what the next week temperatures will be until the week is finished so I must wait to add the new thread, thus one remains headless.

You can see a small snippet of the scale I am using in the upper portion of the picture, the degrees are in Celsius. Because we have had a warm January the colors are red but I can see us moving into a blue zone with cooler temperatures.

The pattern is called  Girotondo by Antonia (Ninetta) Caruso from Italy and she shares this free pattern on her blog.  I am using vintage threads in size 80.


  1. Oh that’s clever, fewer ends to sew in, even if man stays headless for a week. Looking good already.

  2. I really like your project! This will be a good way to mark the year.

  3. a wonderful chain of tatting dolls. hmmm, one could make a mood one.


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