Monday, 15 February 2021

A Day Late

The original plan was to see how many hearts I could tat in a day but I choose some I had never tatted before so they took a while to do.  Each pattern was found online. Only one I had done before and even that one came with some backing up.  I have used a Manuela thread size 20 and loaded up two shuttles.  All hearts were finished in one pass.

To find out more about each heart I have provided a legend below. 

A   This heart is named Heart for Laura, designed by Jennifer Williams.  Detailed instructions are provided on the blog Cariad Tatting.  Under Misc there are at least six heart patterns.  This one uses the placement of a seed bead in a downward picot.  Her pattern called for three beads but the size of my thread didn't allow for that so I started over using only one bead in each ring.  I used the split chain method and added a small chain at the top to hide my ends. 

B  This is heart is called Happy Heart by J. Paulson and available on her blog Le Blog de Frivole.  I love the little smiling face in the middle.  Beware you will need to do lots of Catherine Wheel Joins (CWJ) to finish this heart neatly.

C  This heart is by Janice Blair named Valentine Heart Book Mark as she added a ribbon to the larger bottom picot.  I found this heart years ago and hope this link still works.  It is a a quick pattern but remember not to join to the bottom picot of the large ring as it is for decoration only and the pattern does not show this clearly so I cut my threads off the shuttles thinking I had an extra picot and  I started over. 

D   Called Heart shaped motif by Maimai Kaito she provides the pattern and tats it up for you in a video. English instructions are provided. I originally started following her on Instagram but now she has a You Tube channel you can subscribe to. She has a dozen video's up.  One video shows how to combine four hearts. She also shares tatting techniques like magic loop and split ring.

E  This heart is by Aleksandra Dajczak and found on the blog but you may need to check the archives files to find the pattern.  It is a very easy ring and chain pattern.  

I keep finding new hearts to tat so the thread my not be put away just yet.  
Happy tatting. 



  1. What great hearts! I like the Maimai Kaito one particularly -- definitely going to check out her channel.

  2. Oh yes, there are a lot of hearts out there and you’ve found good ones! Good point that it usually takes longer the first time you tat a pattern. If you want speed you use familiar patterns.


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