Saturday, 23 January 2021

Day 5 TIAS 2021

 Many projects in tatting are small in compared to other crafts (IMHO) and is meant to be looked at in detail  That is why tatters spend so much time making sure we don't cross our threads and keep the picots neat and tidy.  WELL that didn't happen here.  

If you look closely which I hope you do, you will see and extra picot on ring #3.  Did you find that pink picot sticking our from the half white ring?  I didn't discover it until I was too far along to back up so I just carried on.  

In the whole scheme of things (so I've been told) this will not make a difference.  And I don't care.  I'm in it for the fun factor.

If you don't know already, Jane E is hosting another TIAS and you can join in at any time.  You will find instructions and sequenced pattern bits on the TIAS blog here

 You are encouraged to send in your tatting and gave a go at a guess to the final result.  You can even go back to prior years and do those too. 

On a more positive note you will see that I have successfully been able to complete frontside/ backside for this mystery tat.  I don't usually bother with that but this time I did. At least so far. 



  1. Yes, there are worse things in life than an extra picot! I only spotted it because you pointed it out.

  2. So what is your guess? Too early to figure out our final outcome, IMO


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