Tuesday, 22 December 2020

First Attempt at Design

These are my first attempts at design, Single Shuttle Earrings. I made these earrings with some left over thread on a shuttle, they are not very big so they could handle a long dagger bead on the bottom or other embellishment. The prototype was made with metallic thread and by ending with a single shuttle split ring (SSSR) you are able to easily hide the ends.

Nothing fancy or new here but I took some time to make a diagram in Inkscape which was really fun and didn't take too long.  

I have also included a photo of one done with metallic thread using different stitch counts and bead placement.

If you are interested I have included the instructions below.

Load beads on shuttle, pull 18 inches or 45 cm off shuttle along with 3 beads.  You will need to anchor this end so you don't lose your beads.  Using the diagram, start at star, end at triangle. Start first ring with 3 beads from shuttle round the hand
R 10 (3b) 10
C 14 lock join to picot between beads in first ring 5
make 4 bead picot with 3b from ball 1 b from shuttle 5 lock join between beads in first ring 14
Tie knot before making SSSR
SSSR hiding ball thread in 1st 4 stitches of ring
Add additional picots or beads as desired. 

I have had this sitting on my desk for some time and needed to get it posted before the end of the year.


  1. Thanks, those are lovely earrings.

  2. Very pretty earrings. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Earrings can be ornate, but the ones I wear most often are fairly simple. I love those.

  4. Brilliant! There is elegance in simplicity and you nailed it!

  5. Need to try this pattern, they look lovely.
    I especially like the use of the pearl beads of which I have far to many!

  6. Your earrings look great! I'm always interested in what can be achieved with a single shuttle.


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