Saturday, 23 February 2019

When your sister needs new slippers

I've often told you that I don't sew, well I can't say that anymore.  Recently I completed a few projects that were easy, I made some curtains, I also hemmed up my husbands jeans and made some adult bibs. 

Today I completed these Disney themed slippers for my sister.  They have a terry cloth red outer layer with scraps making up the lining, and sole.  I broke one needle and had to rip out one seam. 

I found the buttons on the front at my local sewing store.  The slippers are quilted with a fake sheepskin inner sole so they should be nice and cozy.

I don't think there will be too many sewing projects as I am still learning with most sewing skills still ahead of me.

If you are interested in the pattern I found it here.


  1. Well done, slippers are not easy to see or knit.
    Lovely colour and I like the theme of the slippers, hope she enjoys wearing them

  2. I wouldn’t have known you were a beginner sewist, those look very professional! Lucky sister.

  3. How adorable I love them and liner too­čĄę

  4. Really fabulous slippers!!! :)


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