Friday 23 November 2018


These earrings can be tatted up in an afternoon.  I think it took me longer to figure  out how to load the beads than it actually took to tat. Well maybe not quite but they do work up really fast.

This pattern is from a facebook post by Gloria Nelson of  Sparkling Light Creation Studios and I have provided a link  here.  Please note that the order of the bead placement in her directions are for needle tatters.

This is how to do it using two shuttles. Wind 5 yards on shuttle one and place the beads as follows on shuttle one thread, 8 red beads, 7 gold beads, 8 red beads and 3 bugle beads.  Do this sequence twice, then pull off one yard along with 3 bugle beads and wind shuttle 2.  Start your first ring with two red beads round the hand.  Tat ring B as a throw ring with the bugle beads round the hand.  Continue around, all picots either have a bead on them or are small joining picots.  When choosing beads that will be on a picot, they should match the size of the thread so they do not twist or be too floppy.

I used a size 30 Omega thread, not the best for tatting but fine for a pair of earrings.  Finished size is just less than 1.5 inches. Change up the color of the beads along with the thread  as you desire.


  1. Wonderful Christmas trees I did just Christmas trees one year in stead of snowflakes I think I didn't make these, they are beautiful!

  2. Great Christmas tree earrings!! :)


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