Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Wiosna Row 9 and 10

I finally had time to do another round on the Wiosna doily.  I didn't like that round 9 wasn't attached and had to be careful that the thread did not catch.  I did some slight blocking  and it all sits great.

I am still climbing to the next round.  By knowing what lies ahead it is easy to plan ahead.

I am using a King Tut quilting thread by Superior Threads color 918.  That is a yellow clover and a pop-a-bobbin shuttle for size reference. 

The current diameter is 5.75 inches or 19.7 cm.


  1. Beautiful! It's interesting that by using the same variegated thread throughout it doesn't distract from the pattern. I think it might have done if it was combined with a solid thread.

  2. Lovely to see your progress, it is going to be beautiful when finished, love the thread


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