Tuesday 26 June 2018

Not a Doily

 I posted this picture up to Instagram a few days ago and received a few comments on the doily, well it is not a doily rather just ten hearts sitting beside one another.   I always like to have plenty of hearts to give away.  It takes me 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to make one depending on the number of interruptions. 

This pattern is in my head now.  It is by Irene Woo called Butterfly Heart and a pattern can be found here

I have been tatting consistently for five years. Oh yes I learned to make rings many years ago but only rings so I never really took up the craft seriously until May of 2013.  Once I learned to make chains and use two shuttles my tatting really took off and became my main craft.  After five years of the flip I can now say I am an advanced tatter. 

Happy Tatting


  1. I was one of those Instagramers that asked and thanks for posting this

    1. I do appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  2. It certainly has the potential to be a wonderful doily! I love playing around with motifs, too :-D

  3. You could always turn it into a doily. Lovely heart to give away.

  4. I had always considered you an advanced tatter. Hard to believe it is not a doily. It certainly looks it. I suppose I have to add that to my "tat one of these (or more)" list. Well done.

  5. Thanks so much love this and it is on my large todo list! :)

  6. Just saw this post! Amazing how Irene Woo's hearts fit together so perfectly! It would certainly make a beautiful doily. It might not be too difficult to tat them together. I also was impressed that you give the hearts away. Such a nice gesture.


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