Friday, 19 May 2017

Treats from Overseas

Cleaning up the craft room today and organizing and sorting.  Winding shuttles, sorting patterns and dusting.

I great gal I know just returned from a trip to the Phillipines, Cambodia and Vietnam. She brought me a bag full of goodies.  I am so thankful.

There are some interesting shells, roses, stars and coi fish beads along with pearls and lovely red glass beads. There are seed beads in a variety of sizes and color.

I predict that there will be beaded tatting in my future.

She also brought me polvoron and uba cookies.


  1. I love these kind of pictures and love the fish beads too, just looking at this makes me want to create something :)

  2. So bright and colourful! I look forward to seeing some interesting results.

  3. Oh wow, so pretty and so wonderful and useful. I'm off to Cambodia soon, must look out for some of these treats

  4. What a lovely present,

    I tried to find your email address, the answer to a question you asked a few weeks ago about some old thread, I found my ball, only a very bit left and when I unrolled it, in the middle was the label, it's coats no 20 number 9423 or 9422 the last number is not very clear, I hope this helps you.


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