Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Little Cuny Snowflake

This Little Cluny Snowflake was the pattern provided at Shuttlebirds  21st Workshop for beginning cluny by Mimi Dillman.  She told us that the main thing was to practice your leaves to make them as evenly as possible.  I think she meant that each leaf/cluny should be of similar size and shape within the pattern. Don't worry Mimi, my little leaves don't compare with your's, I am still practicing. 

I altered this pattern to create a ring with the ends to use as a zipper pull or if I had made it a bit shorter I could put it on a hair pin to use in my hair.  I don't have bangs so I often wear tatting in my hair this way.

I used a free sample of Lizbeth thread  size 40 and I probably have enough thread to make another three flakes from the little spool.

The snowflake measures 4 cm across or 1.5 inches. It is a good size for a card and that is where this one will go.   


  1. Lovely cluny snowflake Bernice!!!

  2. Your clunies are looking good! It's very pretty.

  3. I've taken one of Mimi's classes - she's great! Bravo on the clunies

  4. Oh wow!!! I love how unique that is!!! :)


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