Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spring Wiosna 2017 Round 8

 My head still hurts, using vintage thread is trial and error. After thread breakage four times at the start of this round I unwound the shuttle and tried with another ball.  Sometimes the thread is dirty on the outside and sometime rotten on the inside of the ball. The second ball was not any better but I managed to get to the end of round 8.

I did climb out of this round but it is time for a color change so I'll be cutting thread this time.  

This is the third Renulek Doily I have tried and it always amazes me how they seamlessly come together.  So far this one is laying nicely without blocking.  If you need the link to Renulek's blog it is here.

So what did this round teach me?  How to add thread ....


  1. Lovely colours. Sounds as though the thread needs using patiently or being thrown away!

  2. I love the little tiny flowers you added they are so beautiful if I do mine again or over I will do this :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and very Springtime!!! :)

  4. Very pretty! If the vintage thread is close to the core (cardboard, usually, from all those years ago), the acids in the cardboard/paper may have damaged the thread. Only 'solution' for this is to throw it out, probably. BUT if it's close to the outside of the ball, try putting it in a plastic bag, then stick it in the freezer for 24 hours - that's supposed to help add moisture (after it thaws out) to thread that has dried out too much over many years. I've never had to try the freezer method, but I've heard it works. Wait until the thread has thawed out again before you use it.


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