Friday, 18 November 2016

Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon

I am in an Ornament exchange on Instagram and the group is quite diverse so I am choosing some non traditional tatting patterns. This is called Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold.

This is a pattern I have always wanted to tat.  It can be completed by an intermediate tatter. You need to know how to do split rings and single shuttle split rings (SSSR).  Watch which shuttle is to be used when tatting the wings.  By using magic thread on the last chain of the wing and an SSSR to finish off there will be few ends to hide.

I used Lizbeth 20 Fern Green Med thread and scraps of orange thread for the flames.  The wingspan is 4.5 inches or 11 cm. Tail to nose stretched straight is also 4.5 in or 11 cm.

I think this is a bit too large for an ornament so I'm going to try again with a smaller thread.

Links to SR and SSSR tatting
Jane Eborall Tips & Techniques
Frivole YouTube


  1. It's a wonderful pattern, I've made it several times. Love your green version!

  2. It a great pattern and yours is gorgeous in green


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