Tuesday, 19 July 2016

More Coasters

It is still summer here and I am taking advantage of every minute.  I've done up a batch of raspberry jam, a batch of apricot jam and a batch of peach jam. We are eating from the garden now, lettuce and beet tops too.  The potatoes are blooming and I've managed to keep the weeds at bay.

I have tatted more of Robin Perfetti's coasters using the Rico cotton.  This is the Rosette Coaster and I completed it in one round. One thing to remember when doing Robin's pattern is to tighten up your chains. I didn't do this very well in a few spots.

Another hint is to use a reversed stitch (like the second half of a split ring) when you are doing the chains between the rings on the last round. that way you don't have to change shuttles, just pick up the ball thread.
 This next coaster is the Victorian Coaster and I completed this in one round.  One thing to remember about reading this pattern is that the color coding does not refer to the shuttle to use but rather the thread from the shuttle that is making the stitches not the core thread.

The patterns are available from her etsy shop.


  1. I love being able to eat from the garden and your jams will extend the pleasure. The coasters are beautiful and that colour is splendid.

  2. Two beautiful coasters, and I love the colour

  3. Fabulous coasters!!! :) And such a pretty color!! :)

  4. Very pretty !
    I like using the reverse stitch, too. Some motifs/segments are just made to be tatted in that way :-)


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