Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tatted Coasters

Most of the crochet cotton I have is not suitable for tatting. Yes you can tat with it but the rings are a bit tough to close and the soft twist wears as you tat so the finished product looks tired before it is finished. This past week I stopped into a local shop that carries shuttles and thread and the occasional tatting magazine. The bright colors of the Rico Essential Crochet cotton caught my eye and I bought a ball.  

I wound up a few shuttles and tatted the Square Coaster found in Robin Perfetti's  new pdf file "Tatted Coasters" available in her Etsy shop. The pattern pack contains seven patterns with variations. The patterns are clearly diagrammed and written along with color coding for shuttle 1 or shuttle 2 as applicable.
The Square Coaster shown right was done in two rounds, is 4 inches across using size 10 Rico Essentials Fuchsia.  It is the perfect size for a big coffee cup. 

I am currently halfway on Round 13 of the Jan Stawasz Huge Doily


  1. So what did you think of the new thread? Yes, not all cotton is ideal for tatting. Love the coaster!

    1. Jane, I do love the colors available in this brand but the twist is not tight nor smooth enough for a large piece of tatting.

  2. I did test tat this pattern, and as yet I still have not blogged it, it's a lovely pattern and I like your new thread and colour

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