Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Split Ring Climbing

It can get a bit tricky but using split rings and split chains to climb from one round to the other saves hiding a few ends.  The last four rings made here are all split rings and helped me complete five arches, this is a portion of arch number six of the Big "monster" Doily.   I tat over tails when I start the arch and climb to the second row using these four split rings. You may need to learn how to join on the second side of a split ring to keep an untwisted climb, I used Jane's site, here is the link.

I have been using Magic Loops or Magic Thread to hide the ends in the last chain.  I tat just a bit loose to allow for the threads which will be hidden beside the core thread.  I start one loop before the other so they end in alternate spots.

I am using some thin strong nylon beading thread which I had on a large cone but the cone is too big to travel with my tatting so I repurposed an empty floss container to hold some spare magic thread.

Just open up the container and wrap your thread around the little spool inside, You even have a cute little cutter, good enough for this thread.  I never had much success until I found the right thread to use.    
I find challenges in each bit of tatting I do, and its the learning and complexity that draws me in.  Just as Knitting or Crochet is not for everyone, neither is tatting.

At the end of these arches I will be giving this monster a slight block on the foam and I will show you the big picture again.  


  1. Very interesting & informative post . I, too, love to challenge myself with each project, so that I come off learning or applying something, howsoever minor.
    Looking forward to the Big Picture :-)

  2. Love the floss re-purposing great idea!


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