Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Unblocked almost done

Sometimes we refer to showing an unblocked piece of tatting as just off the shuttles but as you can see they are still attached although there are less than 100 elements left to tat.  It may seem like a lot to some but the end result will be a very nice piece of lace.  This unblocked doily currently measures 11 inches or 29 cm at the end of row 10. I have still not used a whole spool of the sulky thread and expect that I will be able to complete this with the one spool.  

The pattern is Renulek Wiosna 2015. The pattern was provided with one row a week or so. I am far behind.  I ran into a few problems on Row 9 and tried various methods, both Carollyn and Muskaan provided great hints. Then I found a wrong picot join and had to cut off 14 elements. Hated to do it but it felt so much better once it was done. One of the weakness of using Sulky is that if you retrotat it makes the thread fuzzy so best to be avoided. 

I always get so excited to be this close to finishing a piece, perhaps it is because I know there will soon be some empty shuttles waiting to be filled and another new adventure. 


  1. You might still complete it before I do ;-P
    With only a few repeats left, I'm enjoying other tatting distractions rather than completing & sharing (I might shock the tatting community, evil me ! ).
    Only a 100 elements left .... go girl !
    This might just encourage me to finally finish the lace .

  2. Oh this is beautiful and love the sulky colors you picked. I love her doilies and I will always make her them when she does a tat along, hope fully she wont start another till I am done with my current project. :) thanks for mentioning me and can't wait to see the next post :)


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