Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Cobweb Doily

The group over at CRAFTREE are having a Spring Tat-along and the doily chosen is called The Cobweb Doily.  You can get the pattern free from the link  here

I had some major cupping after the last row and tried to block it but you can see the strain in a few of the rings.  I will tat again and tighten up the chains in row two which seem to be the problem. It is a nice little doily and a good practice piece, I used split rings and split chains to climb out of each row.  


  1. this came out very nice like color and choice, I really need to hang out their at craftee more often :), and thank you for sharing too I like a lot of things in this book!

  2. Lovely pattern and very pretty thread, well done


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