Friday, 22 May 2015

One More Row

This Doily has been an adventure, firstly using the Omega thread and secondly another Jan Stawasz Doily.  Can you tell I like his patterns, in fact the Tatted Treasures book is looking a little worn as I have browsed through the pages so much. I took the top picture as the sun streamed into the kitchen this morning. So happy to be on the last row of any project, and yes I do know the last row is the longest row. 

The Omega thread is soft but tats up nicely as long as you don't tat too tight.  The thread is not smooth but more of a natural finish and if you tat too tight the rings are hard to close.  The doily above is now 9 inch (22 cm) size so a nice size and don't think I am halfway through this 30 gram ball. I think this thread may be best suited to crochet so I will try a little, see I did crochet around a button but probably should have grabbed a smaller hook. It does crochet up nicely.


  1. Your doily is looking great and it is always fun to be on the last round. I like the omega threads too there softness is a nice quality.

  2. Good for you -- so close to the finish line :-)
    Wondering if perhaps a plain background would do better justice to the doily displayed ?

  3. Congrats on getting to the last row. Your doily looks beautiful. Nice work!


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