Saturday, 10 January 2015

Josephine Cross

The Josephine Cross was a small project I made with size 80 DMC.  This is a Ben Fikkert pattern which I have always admired.   Do you recall my Collar Bookmark , well I gave that bookmark to my sister, blue is her favorite color and she told me she put it in her bible.  I really felt she needed something better for the bible so when I found this thread in a local yarn shop I just had to make her something special.  It is just off the shuttles so a little ruffled which will be flat by Sunday as she has already slipped it into her bible.
I find that crosses give you a lot of practice on edgings and how to turn corners also each one challenges me as a tatter.  They are very useful as gifts too.  Do you have a favorite cross?


  1. Lovely cross, and great colour. Thank you for sharing the pattern

  2. I love his patterns, this one came out very nice, they are tedious but very beautiful!

  3. Great cross and wonderful blues!!! :)


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