Thursday, 14 August 2014

Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki 8/2007 Huge Doily tat-along Row 4

Not much to tell here, just another row with the chains are still causing me grief. Now to figure out how to do the next round of twelve mofits attached sort of off centre to the current row.
The only skill in this doily that I am not confident with is reading the pattern.  It is confusing and I think I made the chains in this row too long but with just a light spray with water and pressing into a towel with my fingers it is quite flat now.

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  1. Looking lovely, do part of the motif and then attach as you finish each motif rather than attaching at the start and having the weight of the mat pulling as you continue to make each motif. Just do one motif at a time and just take your time to work around the mat.
    Margaret (intatters tatting margaret)


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