Monday, 28 July 2014

Moje Robotki Row 2

Whoops, had some problems with my phone and my computer each trying to blog.  Here is row 2, I had a few problems climbing out but managed ok with a few split rings and a split chain then another split ring.

Left, Lizbeth 10 Snow White  122 yds/ball------Right Coats Aida 10 Ecru 280m/ball
The Lizbeth is slightly larger and smoother which makes it easier to close rings and control chains. The costs were very similar.


  1. That looks lovely! How do you like the thread? I'm wondering whether to buy some Size 10.

  2. The Coats Aida is a bit looser twist then the Lizbeth . This means that the slide when you close a ring is not as smooth and the tension in the chains are harder to control. It could be the pattern but I have done a few of Jan's snowflakes and didn't have the same issues with long chains as I am having with this doily. I try to post a picture of a snowflake to show you.

    1. Thanks, that's really helpful to know!


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