Friday 1 December 2023

Bobbie's Pincushion

There is a lot going on here. The pincushion was designed by Sharon J. She designed it after "Bobbie's Pincushion".  Bobbie Demmers original pincushion had a crochet center but Sharon started with a SCMR in honor of Gary H.  Sharon taught her design at the fall 2023 Camp Wannatat workshop.  

Kits were provided to complete the cushion.  I started that center so many times and in the end finished four pincushion tops.  The thread used for this one is a  Hakelgarn size 20. I love how the Hen and Chicks edging sits beyond the cushion.  

I don't sew much or well but am pleased with how this one came out. My plan is to use it in a gift exchange later this month.


  1. Well done, it’s a lovely pin cushion.

  2. Wonderful neat tatting! I'd be pleased to find this in my exchange bag!!


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