Saturday 24 December 2022

Dorset Buttons

The button below was taught at Palmetto Tat Days 2022 by Shawna Wachs.  It is made in a Lizbeth size 10 and is a good size for an ornament. Oddly I ended up taking three classes from her this year.  Great teacher, great patterns. 

It was a dear friend who taught me to make Dorset Buttons, below is my first one. They are a good use of  thread that does not work well for tatting.  The one below is made with a variegated pearl cotton. She also showed me how to weave a little shank on the back for attachment.

What can you do with a Dorset button, well anything you can do with a button plus they are a cute little give away too.


  1. Your Dorset buttons are wonderful, well done. They combine well with tatting.

  2. You made a beatiful Dorset button, I did use to live in Dorset where these buttons orginalat e from, Now in Somerset which is the county next to Dorset, I have been having another go at making them, There are not many books on Dorset buttons, but I know my hubby had brought me one, by thread wire,
    I wish you a very happy christmas and a Happy new year


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