Wednesday 9 March 2022

And then she tatted

Sorry I couldn't resist the Renulek Spring Doily 2022,  These are the first four rounds.  By this time I had restarted four times and cut once.  Right after this picture was taken I had to cut again as I missed a little but very important TOR (throw off ring).  

I am using a vintage Coats & Clarks color 13 size 70 along with a DMC color 67 size 80.  I may even add another color along the way.  I am trying my best to do front side backside.

At the present time I have not blocked not trimmed my ends and the current stat is a bit frilly but I am confident that this will settle. Visit again to see the next round and my 2021 doily progress.

You can find this doily on Renata's site here.  She offers the option of waiting weekly for a new round to be released or purchase all 17 rounds from her Etsy site. 


  1. I don’t know why you start with sorry, I’m sorry I can’t join in this year, but I don’t have time or the right thread. Good luck with the next round.

  2. I'm very tempted to start this doily in vintage also as I just (!) finished her 2017 doily.

  3. Looking lovely I have collected the pattern but not sure when I might start it


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