Thursday, 12 September 2019

Bye-bye Palmetto

I did it, I went to Tat Days in beautiful Toccoa, Georgia.  I had a marvelous time. Slept little, ate too much and tatted and talked and laughed and shared tatted tails.  

I took classes from Jane (bookmark), Martha (snowflake), Sharren (purse), Paige (pendant/earrings) and Anita (cat).  You will be seeing the results over the next few weeks as I finish the projects.

Here is what I also learned at Tat Days:
They drink sweet tea; because of the AC I learned to sleep with earplugs; No one is invisible during a White Elephant gift exchange; Never be late for a meal; Mosquitos bite; Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the US; You can hear cicadas; I saw my first dehumidifier. 

I plan to finish all my class projects, here is the first one the Demure Latch Lariat designed and taught by Paige Deputy.                            


  1. I attended Tat Days once and can relate to some of what you said, pleased you had a great time. Those earrings and pendant are lovely, especially the colour. Think I have a project started in that colour!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful! And educational in more ways than tatting.

  3. So glad you had a good time! Tat Days is so much fun - I call it summer camp for ladies! I was in Sharren's class with you....

    1. Crazy Mom, you are unforgettable. We did have fun didn't we. Sharren is great, tell her I said so.

    2. You're the best B! It was great meeting you - and I hope you return next year! I'll send your regards to Sharren, she is a dear friend.

  4. So glad you enjoyed it.
    I can’t wait to see more of your projects.
    This jewellery set is lovely.


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