Monday 12 August 2019

Tollway Tatters Flower

I was fortunate to be added to the Tollway Tatters facebook group although I will probably never meet a member but have always been virtual friends.  

This pattern was posted on facebook by Thea one of the members.  I loved it so much I asked to be a member of the group.

This flower is worked up in a vintage size 30 thread.  I received it in a ball so I have no label but it feels like a coats thread.  To wear, I put a shank button into the center and a bobbie pin through the button hole.  It could easily be attached to a hair clip.

I needed earrings to match the flower.

These two projects were finished at Pioneer Acres this weekend.  Thanks to all the organizers and I hope to see you again next year.


  1. Beautiful tatting what state is this meeting at? It sounds like fun! and what color are the earrings thread?

  2. Carollyn, no state, in Alberta Canada. The color is the same as the flower, unknown vintage but the pink turned a orange. Perhaps I've created a new HDT suggestion.

  3. Wonderful!!! Tollway Tatters are a nice gathering of friends. Glad you joined the FB group


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