Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Mary Anna Robinson

 Lee Flower with Pearl Center and  Curled Ring Cinquefoil Motif

Mary Anna is a tatting teacher and lovely lady with cute little sayings like "I'm not the boss applesauce".  I  took two classes from her at the Shuttlebirds Workshop.  In one, she read us a story she had written about a tatter.  She told me that in  another class she sang for them.  

Mary Anna is open to new ideas and in class we shared ways to adapt her patterns and how we would do them. Both classes made use of the folded join.  It is  good one to practice, here is what I do. Fold the joining picot over the thread, then come up the picot with my hook and pull thread down the picot, then down  the loop with the shuttle.  She passed out another method called the hard left  turn into the garage by Judy Banicheck.

Now I have just looked and you can meet this teacher at Palmetto.  If you are lucky enough to see her say hello from "CANADA".


  1. Both pics are lovely, but I really like the flower. So sweet!

  2. The flower would make nice stud earrings. It's good to meet other tatters and learn from them. Maybe hear a story along the way!


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