Friday, 15 December 2017

Flurry Snowflake

This flake is designed by Harolahlala and the pattern can be found here.  She also has a Facebook page called The Shade Tree Designer Tatting. This flake is begging for some embellishment and I added the Josephine rings between the points for some interest. 

I tatted this with a vintage ecru 40 thread by J&P Coats.  The finished flake measures 6 cm or 2.24 inches.  It holds its shape very well. 

I have placed the Flurry snowflake into the plastic frame and you can see my tatting cabinet in the background.

I purchased this cabinet to try to contain my tatting in one spot.  It has lights inside and when I am tatting in the evening it gives off a wonderful glow.  I even have room to display completed items on the top shelf. 

One day when I have this cabinet organized I will give you all a peek inside. Stay tuned!


  1. It has a very clean, modern look, I like it! Love the idea of your cabinet with lights!

  2. Very pretty - I like the addition of the Josephines!

  3. Very nice work and I love how JS knots dress up tatting things💟❄💟

    1. Now that I have finally mastered the JR I don't mind them at all.

  4. Fabulous snowflake and awesome frame!! :)

  5. Bernice, I love the addition of the Josephine rings on the chains. I had to master the Josephine ring as well and now don't mind making them. The next snowflake in this series will be Blizzard and you will get all the practice you need making the Josephine ring with this one. I am glad that you have enjoyed my snowflakes. Harolahlala


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