Saturday 19 August 2017

King Tut Threads

This is King Tut Color 918. You can see the color change is very short.  I thought I would try to make some trim for new shirts.  This is the top of the spool and the tatting is sitting on a clover sized shuttle.

The first pattern I tried is called Tradition. I didn't like how it  was not lying flat so I've picked another to try.  The shirt has a "V" neckline and I will trim only from the shoulder seams forward but I do have that one corner to deal with.  Any tips?


  1. Never heard of that thread, but it's got some great colours running though it, your tatted pieces look beautiful made with it, How about a three ring clover at the corner.

  2. Depends on the edging you choose, but if you pick one that's very straight, you may be able to make the 2 ends meet at the bottom of the 'V' and then tat a corner to form the point. OR make them meet at the bottom and tat a very small medallion to sew at the 'corner' (in King Tut it'll be pretty small anyway - it's a gorgeous thread and wonderful to tat with). Love your color choice!

  3. Both edgings look great!!! :) Fabulous color!!!


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