Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ice Drop Fever

I've been bitten by the Ice Drop Bug. Ice Drops are tatted using florists beads in the centre, The beads are quite heavy and make a nice ornament.

I put a brooch pin on the back, size 20 makes a 3D brooch 3.5 inches across tip to tip.

The pattern is by Diane Cademartori and here is a link to a free pattern. You may know her as Lace Loving Librarian.

The choices of color combinations are endless and I searched my stash for something smaller to use as earrings.  I found some shank buttons and was able to twist the shank off without too much damage.

I used a size 30 vintage Coats thread and kept the stitch count the same as the brooch.  I only did rounds one and two of the pattern.  I added a jump ring and the earrings sit straight on. They are light and look pretty from both sides.

Thanks to Diane for the inspiration for these earrings.


  1. It's amazing how universal this technique has become because of Diane ! What would've kept us away in fear of "cabochon tatting" is now actually a craze.
    Love your working - nice earrings !

  2. Thanks Muskaan, I don't usually go for a craze but now that I have I can see so many uses, for instance I have a few shells and beach glass that are special to me and would make lovely pendent necklaces. Oh my I do have the fever.

  3. Fabulous to see the different ways Diane's ice drop technique can be put to use! It's on my to-do list. I have some hand made beads that might just work.

  4. Welcome to us ice droppers, there's so many possibilities with them yours are looking lovely

  5. Oh wow you too have got bitten by the craze! Thanks for pointing to the pattern too, must have missed that along the way. Yes certainly large beads may work Jane - please don't get me started!

  6. Wonderful, and thanks for the information on how you adjusted it to work for you love this infectious bug that swarms over all the tatters :)

  7. Awesome Ice Drop snowflake!!! :)
    Wonderful Ice Drop earrings!!! :)


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