Saturday, 18 February 2017

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect or so they say,  BUT there is a (mini) pattern error in every one.  I continued on and the hearts can still be great giveaways to promote tatting.

Tatted with  Manuela Size 20 color 213, this is the Butterfly Heart by Irene Woo.

One of my friends asked how long it takes to tat one heart, I said about 45 minutes but that is without stops which rarely happens. Two full clover shuttles will be enough for three hearts.


  1. Really pretty hearts. Luckily perfect is not strictly necessary!

  2. I reckon it is the fun of making them and not the worry about little mistakes. I do like the thread

  3. They are very beautiful, and my friends ask the same question too. And my answer is "between here and here it takes 20 minutes" it is funny the interruption huh😄


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