Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Carry on Tatting

 A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Tats Heaven in honor of her 450th blog post and it arrived today. Tucked in to the package was a card with a little tatted button.  The front of the card said "Keep Calm and Carry On", it should say "Carry on Tatting".   Thanks again Tats Heaven.

I have been working on the Monster Doily, halfway around row 12.  I would have been farther along but made a mistake and had to back up a bit.   I'm not tatting as much as I usually do as the garden still needs a few more rows of planting and yard work is calling me so I am spending more time outdoors.
I brought a sample of tatted earrings to one of my ladies groups which prompted a request for a few sets of earrings in different colors.  They'll be done when I find the thread and beads that will work.  I can finish one set of earrings in an evening including putting the wires on.  Below is another set of Wave Earrings born from extra thread in a bobbin and made with my Zebrano Shuttle which has the perfect hook. 


  1. Fun to get a parcel in the post. Those wave earrings are on my to-do list, it's a lovely pattern.

  2. Great to see a picture of the items again after such a long journey. Yes the card should have said 'Carry on Tatting' but I am sure you will!! Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations on your give-away win!! :)
    Great earrings!! :)


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