Thursday, 3 March 2016

Vintage Doily Mystery SOLVED!

One of my sisters sent me a package which she said was some crochet cotton she had cleaned out of her Mother in law's linen closet.  Inside the box were some lovely vintage tatting threads along with these bits of tatting.  I have been able to identify the two doilies and found a reference to the edging.

Coincidentally both doilies can be found in the same pamphlet. Coats and Clark's Book No. 111 Priscilla Doilies to Crochet, Knit and Tat.  The top Doily is called Christmas Star but I love the dimpled rings in the center making a four leafed clover, there are many other dimpled rings/hearts on this doily. Although I have never made a dimpled ring I think this would be a lovely doily to tat.

The second doily is larger and I believe needle tatted.  Certainly not tatted by the same person, it has many broken threads so I have not fully blocked.  It is called Flower Frost and the picture in the book is nothing like the sample I have. The chains in the doily I have are just too loose. 

Finally we come to the edging.  There are 58 of these clover/heart shaped motifs all joined together in a line. I've seen this pattern many times, sometimes tatted as a heart.  I ran across a copy in   Hees, Marie Antoinette. Old and New Designs in Tatting, Book No. 5,   I thought I could wash and starch the edgings and make some lovely tatting brooches. What do you think?

There were also two of those jewlery bags with inside pockets I've seen other tatters use. I think my tatting will have a new home.


  1. Very very interesting ! And superb sleuthing skills :-)

  2. What a fun surprise, and trip back in time.


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